The Burke & Co. Weekly Market Report for Avalon, Sea Isle, and Stone Harbor– Week Ending June 26, 2021

Summer is officially here now and our island communities are in peak seasonal mode. Beaches, attractions, restaurants, and bars are bustling.

The real estate market– somehow, someway– continues to bustle as well. Yes, we saw listings lead homes put under contract this week across the totality of Avalon, Sea Isle, and Stone Harbor by a margin of 15 to 11, so we did see inventory grow ever so slightly. But we’ve seen blips like that occur a week here or a week there before, and it has never amounted to anything like a trend towards a more historically balanced market.

Summer has always been the busiest season to see homes go under contract on 7-Mile Island. However, with a mere 74 listings on the whole of that island available, it will not be as easy to find your first or next dream beach home as it may have been before. And it will almost certainly be more expensive. Sea Isle only offers 39 available listed homes to potential buyers right now.

So if you’re lucky enough to be here either because you own a home, you have kind friends who share their home with you, or you’ve come for a rental vacation, enjoy it. We are sun bathing and swimming and eating and dining and relaxing and recreating in some highly desired space. And this is a great time of the year to be here. It will be nice to enjoy the literal fireworks after a summer without them. But for anybody involved in NJ shore real estate, it’s been fireworks for a year and a half now.

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Avalon- New Listings and Price Changes (4), Under Contract (5), Sold and Settled (1)

Sea Isle- New Listings and Price Changes (10), Under Contract (3), Sold and Settled (3)

Stone Harbor- New Listings and Price Changes (1), Under Contract (3), Sold and Settled (0)


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