What is Our Weekly Market Report? And Where to Find It.

Every week, we do a short video to discuss an aspect of our local market, highlight a trend or sale listing, or feature a property we rent. We post those videos on our Facebook business page (go here and follow us), our LinkedIn Business page (follow us here), our Instagram business page (click here), our business TikTok (click here), our YouTube page (subscribe here), and as a link on our website.

The link to the website is the most complete version of the report because it includes our links to the listings that sold, went under contract, or were put on the market or the price changed in the previous week for Sea Isle, Avalon & Stone Harbor, Ocean City, the Wildwoods, and Upper Township (which includes Strathmere). If you want to subscribe to receive a weekly email with the link to the website version, please email us at [email protected] or send us a message with that request on our contact page here.

We try to provide the link on our social media pages as part of the post somewhere. However, not every media source allows clickable links. Even on those that do, often times it is easy to miss the link in the post with the video.

If you ever have a question or a topic you’d like to see us discuss, reach out and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Finally, we also receive finalized real estate data once a month about mid-month for the previous month. We publish those data-packed monthly reports for Avalon & Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, Ocean City, and the Wildwoods. To see those, go here. If you’d like to be subscribed to a monthly report, for these or any other town in the area, just send us an email with the request to [email protected].

To discuss anything real estate related or your plans to buy, sell, or rent, call us at 609-478-0333 or email [email protected].


New Listings, Sold Listings, and Pending Sales for Week Ending January 21

Sea Isle- New Listings and Price Changes (9), Sold (3), New Pending (3)

Stone Harbor and Avalon- New Listings and Price Changes (9), Sold (4), New Pending (2)

The Wildwoods- New Listings and Price Changes (18), Sold (7), New Pending (14)

Ocean City- New Listings and Price Changes (49), Sold (8), New Pending (6)

Upper Twp (Includes Strathmere)- New Listings and Price Changes (3), Sold (1), New Pending (3)

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