#1 Best Tip of the Year for Shore Homeowners

Few will hear. Fewer will heed. But my #1 most practical advice to shore homeowners is schedule needed or planned contractor work for the fall and winter. NOT THE SPRING!!! Easier to schedule and better prices. Act now.

Here’s a couple contractors we recommend:

American Restoration and Rebuilders is our top recommended general contractor and can handle almost anything (interior or exterior) or at least point you to somebody who can. George Abbott-Brady owns and operates and he can be reached at 267-987-0388.

For AC, we recommend Ferrell to those looking for a service contract at 609-780-1848. We also have had great experiences with Breylin if you are interested in service or replacement at 856-718-2786.

Painting? Try Virgil Painting at 609-675-5603 or Edden Lopez Painters at 609-425-7104.

Deep cleaning for end of season or regular maintenance cleaning, Brooke Herchelroth of Fresh Start LLC has been our long-time recommendation, and she does a fantastic job. 609-501-9435

Need any other recommendations? Contact us. We love to help.

And as always, find links below for everything listed, put under contract, or sold in Sea Isle, Avalon & Stone Harbor, The Wildwoods, Ocean City, and Upper Township (includes Strathmere) below. To discuss anything real estate related or your plans to buy, sell, or rent, call us at 609-478-0333 or email [email protected].


New Listings, Sold Listings, and Pending Sales for Week Ending September 2

Sea Isle- New Listings and Price Changes (5), Sold (1), New Pending (0)

Stone Harbor and Avalon- New Listings and Price Changes (18), Sold (3), New Pending (6)

The Wildwoods- New Listings and Price Changes (20), Sold (16), New Pending (14)

Ocean City- New Listings and Price Changes (29), Sold (11), New Pending (12)

Upper Twp (Includes Strathmere)- New Listings and Price Changes (2), Sold (4), New Pending (1)

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