We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and support in purchasing the home on Fourmile Canyon in Boulder. Your knowledge of the surrounding area and your personal relationships with other realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and home inspectors in the area made purchasing this home much easier for us. Your advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. We all learned quite a bit about renovation loans in the process!

We didn’t realize that there was such a difference among realtors. Our experience with you has changed our view on how to purchase a property. The quality of service that you provided was courteous, professional and encouraging. It far exceeds any previous experiences we’ve had.

You listened to what we wanted and did not pressure us to look beyond the parameters we set. You understood our situation and were very patient with us throughout our search. The entire process, from the day we signed a contract with you to the day we closed on our house, was a mere six weeks, with an uncooperative seller too.

Your attention to detail, knowledge of the field, and no-pressure approach were greatly appreciated. It has been a real pleasure. Should I need the services of a realtor in the future, you will be my first choice and I’m sure, my last.

Thank you and best wishes.